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Love Remains
#35 in Christian SongVault Certified
Love Remains
Length: 3:48
On Network Since Jan 18, 2009
Perfect Timing
#290 in Christian SongVault Certified
Perfect Timing
Length: 3:53
On Network Since Apr 16, 2011
Sandro Cuzzetto
SongVault Certified Artist Sandro Cuzzetto

British Columbia, Canada

Christian / Christian Pop / Rock

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My latest tune is called "Love Remains". I hope it does well. Instrumentially, it's a lot like "Not So Far Away": just acoustic guitar and vocals. However, a little more upbeat. Hope you all like it!

I have listened, enjoyed, written, and played music for most of my life. As a person, I am Christian before anything else, and the gift of music that God gave to me I freely give back to Him. I play all the instruments you hear in my music unless I otherwise specify (and God has taught me all of them - I was going to say I was self-taught but that doesn't acknowledge the concept of a "gift" at all).

I am recently married (my second marriage) and I now have five children in total. Yes, it can be busy at home! My wife is the best! She is supportive, loving, caring, a great mother and my best friend.

I hope you enjoy my music and please drop me a line once in a while to let me know what you think.
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