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sam hinshaw
sam hinshaw

West Columbia
South Carolina, United States

East Coast Rap

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my name's sam. i go by torn. i'm what youd call a deep person. i try to stay optimistic, because i know how bad it can get, and ive seen it, and there's always the fact that someone's got it even worse than you. i'm 17 years old, but in my maturity level, i'm definitely way beyond. "the young ones with wisdom are the lucky ones," someone once always told me that. i'm taken by the most wonderful girl in the world, sophia renee wildchandler. she's my everything. i've learnt this now, but then, we both was alot different. i've changed so much over time, because everything that has happened, has built me to be the person i am today. i'm TOrN. samuel. whatever you call me. it doesnt matter. i have one dream. to have my voice heard around the world. i just want everyone to hear what i have to say. because i know i need to hear something inspirational when i'm mad, or sad, or happy. or just wanna get crunk. and it's not really the fact that i want to become famous, cuz i don't. i like my life right now, even after knowing, that I have absolutely nothing to my name. I'm just happy with who I am, and for some reason I'm still smiling. doing my music, is more than a hobby to me. it's my life. honestly, if you listen to my words, i simply tell about whats happening now. what ive seen happen, and what might happen... haha. If you don't like what you hear, then you can block me. I use random instrumentals, mostly what I find online. From websites like If you have a beat you'd like to rap on, just message me, or email me at and if you'd like to collab just message or email me. I represent my legion, i represent anabra, and i represent myself. keep listening...and please spread the word. One Love.
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