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Length: 5:17
On Network Since Jan 8, 2012
Salena Dabbs
SongVault Certified Artist Salena Dabbs

New York
New York, United States

Pop / Rhythm & Blues

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A brash and warrior-at-heart pop-rock singer/songwriter, Salena Dabbs, has a distinctive raw vocal intensity that can rival today’s top female artists. With a modern alternative twist to pop music, Salena, labels her sound as “Pink-a-licious Pop Rock” with a goal of empowering women everywhere through her music.

Salena Dabbs first single, "Heartache", serves as a blunt, but entertaining monologue about a woman aggressively yet playfully cautioning men of her man-eating nature. Salena collaborated with songwriter/producer Dorian Grey and musicians Meryl Jefferson and Frankie Losinno to deliver a flawless R&B, pop and Indie rock blend.

The songwriter draws musical inspiration from Alanis Morissette, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Jackson and Gwen Stefani. Most notably, Salena Dabbs, asserts herself as alpha female as she puts a spin on edginess from her post-apocalyptic fashion style to her super charged live shows.

Not too long ago, before she morphed into the exotic femme-fatale singer/songwriter she is now, Salena Dabbs was an East Coast Navy brat with a talent and musical passion that had to be nurtured and discovered by family and by the young artist-in-the-making. Salena was born into a musical family – her uncles were songwriters/producers, and her grandmother won ‘Amateur Night’ at the famed Apollo Theater and had the honor to perform on stage with Jackie Wilson. As a kid, Salena practiced alone at home, slowly gaining confidence in her voice. She mimicked Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston but is grateful now to have found her own sound.

It was a third grade music test that really sowed the seeds of her musical journey – she aced the test, and made a weird discovery that she considers a blessing: “Even when I write or record today, I see music notes in color. To me harmony and layering notes really is like painting with each of the colors representing a minor detail in the overall piece.” Salena’s ‘color’ discovery is known as Synesthesia, an interesting neurological quirk that can trigger colors or even tastes and smells when hearing music.

After booking and performing several gigs, Salena served as a background singer for R&B group Divine, a Billboard #1 R&B group. Salena then hooked up musically with producer/writer Toby Gad (Beyonce, Fergie). Her breakthrough opportunity was presented when she recorded "If You Believe" for a Lifetime original movie "Against The Odds." Salena quickly amplified her presence among other vocal acts by performing as a featured singer for several hip hop acts, and also writing/recording the theme song for Alizè beverages. Her success only continues to heighten significantly with live shows and television licensing opportunities presenting themselves in 2012.

With her debut single "Heartache" making tremendous waves on the net and music video currently in post-production. Salena –a consummate perfectionist and true DIY artist – is co-executive producing her debut album "Salvaged Doll" with songwriter/producer, Dorian Grey, which will release this summer on iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby.
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