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New York, United States

HipHop / Rap

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X factor the turning point is the first CD fully written and produced by S.B. Sinister for Liveness inc. S.B. would like to thank everyone who has supported him throughout his career no matter how big or small liveness baby come again 1 love.S.B. grew up in the southbronx.He was inspired by hip hop and r and b and begin writing his own music by the age of 13due to the death off his farther in 1989.He soon signed a management deal with d and d management with two of his childhood friends forming the rap group A.O.D in 1993.The group consisted of S.B ,TONE THE NIGHT STALKER and GANGSTER BOOGS.Due to the incarceration of group member boogs s.b. And tone had to record their demo themselves in 1995 nightstaker and shorty black.Due to dissaggrements with managment the duo broke up but not without critical acclaim for their work.S.b. Soon after signed a production deal with kick jam productions but did not record until 97 due to incarceration for drugs and gun possesion.After his release in 97 he begin recording his first solo project the beggining feat teddy grams r.I.p ,kville night stalker ,phacelace the project was shopped to high accliam.S.B. begin performing at local showcases like the minisink in harlem the saviot in the bronx and the Y in brooklyn.With fan support and good reviews s.b. begin recording his next in which he coproduced with l.wilson off kick jam .DUE to the birth of his twins a boy and girl s.b. decided to take his game to the next level and started his own company LIVENESS ENTERTAINMENT INC.The first release for LIVENESS WAS S.B. YALL KATS CANT STOP ME coproduced by s.b. and L.WILSON.SB shot two videos in 2001 for that project.The first was for yall kats the title track shot in millbrook houses the second was fly kids featuring new artist E-LITE shot on 149st 3rd ave in a clothing store called ness.S.B. then shot his first tv show for KIDS GOTTA EAT in queens.He then performed at varios showcases such the HARLEM WORLD SHOWCASE hosted by POWER 105.1 ,CLUB CHEETAH.With some succes from sales s.b. begin recording his next project FOCUSED TO BALL produced by s.b. C.YOUNG for B-BOY STUDIOS ,DJ20/20 for DEXTERS LAB.After recording the album s.b. and new artist MS.TOYA and HARVG begin performing at clubs such CLUB DOWNTIME ,CLUB RARE ,THE GREEK FEST HOSTED BY HOT 97S MISS JONES AND DJ ENVY WITH PROGHETTOS JAYSON SPAWN.OTHER special host include LARGE PROFFESER ,DIAMOND D,MAINO AND ROYAL FLUSH.S.B. ALSO APPEARS on the streets gotta eat dvd shot in dexters lab aswell as sez who tv for bronx net.SB IS currently working A-I PRODUCTIONS aswell as NAQUAN OF OVER THE TOP PRODUCTIONS.BE on the look for the YALL KATS CD on cd baby aswell as a performance dvd and SBS new single in the club which he has been performing of late the joint is fire .ALSO coming soon the ai compilation with the bx next SB is straight fire trust me LIVENESS all day holla back.Sb would like to think Stef Luva on behalf of the millbrook fam for showing love on 105.1 .He would also like to think chad royal and the royal take over formaly on 91.9 now on 106.3 for playing this record in the new york tri state area.Sb would also like to think big cal wggb internet radio.
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