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Black Hill
Vic, Australia

Techno / Power Pop

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“I started clubbing in 1999. Sounds before that were mainly rock bands from the 90s. I enjoyed the “techno revolution”, clubbing and dancing. 3 years later I found an album that inspired me to write my song ‘Broken Their Mould’.” Ry was influenced by LIVE and their album V. This album sent shock waves through the music industry. First Moby, then Slim Shady and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ashlee Simpson, The Killers, Madonna and many other artists have done songs about The Coming of the One…

2000 saw dance music at its peak and sounds and ideologies have progressed from there. “I hope my music provides a rocking tribute to the vibrations of this world. It has been a long time coming but I’m finally here now. I’ve broken their mould! My single is hot and ready to his dance floors and radio all over.”

“I have collected the sounds from a studio in Torque, Australia and working with producers have arranged and produced these radio and club mixes”.

Thank you to all who purchase my single and enjoy my music. Thank you to all The Stars who have formed the influences of my music.
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