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Ruthie Gee
Ruthie Gee

Ohio, United States

Adult Contemporary / Vocal Jazz

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Ruthie Gee Hits the BigTime at 92 Years Young!

It's Never Too Late!

Ruthie Gee, Sweet As Can Be, delights with all-time pop and jazz standard snippets from the early 1900s via her happy, lighthearted, globally-acclaimed hit debut CD, When Songs Were Songs, interpreted with attitude, grace and style.

Gifted in academics as well as the arts, Toledo prodigy, Ruthie Gee, exits stage right to dedicate her life to loving and caring for an equally loving and appreciative family, marrying the Light of her life, and equally talented, Paul F. Gregor, in 1939.

Multi-talented in a variety of the arts, Ruthie put her established, stellar theatre career on the back burner until 70 years later at the age of 90 years young in 2009 when this golden masterpiece of joyful, jazzy standard hits was recorded at RiceSound Studios in n.e. Indiana. Toledo's jazz greats love it!

Topping Charts & Winning Hearts!

Perfect pitch with energy and style, Ruthie's still as feisty as ever in the studio or at home. Talent to spare, she sat down in the studio without so much as a warm up, and at 90 years young... all in the same day no less... belted out, or crooned as it were, one song after the other as if she'd never stopped singing professionally those 70 some years.

On the flip side, it ‘only’ took RiceSound a year and a half to completely rebuild each simple midi track, learning to use the new Mac/Logic setup, under the vocals, after the fact, track by track, with live playing, highly edited midi snips, Apple loops and other audio clips stretched and skewed, into a full-featured 2012 production to match the professional sparkle of Ruthie's vivacious vocals. She deserves it! Thank you, Apple, right down to the CD jewel case artwork!

Totally self-taught, this gifted, natural-at-heart mastered not only the vocal ranges, but piano, organ, accordion, ukulele, and percussion instruments. Both accomplished musicians and singers, she and Paul always had high quality music from all the greats through the years playing in the house, the highlight of many a happy house party. And dance? Oi. Look out Ginger Rogers! Ruthie also starred in a local play after the family rose, with rave reviews now at large in the archives.

Suffering life's most devastating blows with the utmost grace, poise, and fortitude, this cherished gem remains my highest inspiration, mentor, and glowing example of womanhood in the global community.

Ruthie's rapidly growing global fan base is ablaze with her inspiring, heartwarming story and all 8 lighthearted, carefree hit tunes finessed with attitude, grace and style. We know you'll Like!

"I'll Be Young Until I Die," says Ruthie... and so she is.

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Ruthie's #1 Fan...
Gregor Rice aka Joules LaHae @ broadjam


Gregor Rice aka Joules LaHae - All tracks performed, assembled, edited, mixed, et al, by Gregor Rice, RiceSound Studios, Gregor Rice Publishing, BMI, Label: RiceSound, Mac/Logic. Made on a Mac.


When Songs Were Songs

By the Light of the Silvery Moon

Birth of the Blues

Alexander's RagTime Band

Back Home Again in Indiana

Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey

Carolina in the Morning
Give My Regards to Broadway

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