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Russ Skarsten
Russ Skarsten

California, United States

Alternative / Instrumental Rock

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Born (1952), Oakland CA. I started playing by ear at age 4. By 8th grade I started playing music with friends. I got my first rig in 10th and joined a top-40 band in 11th and played the UC Berkeley CA Frat house circuit.
At 21, I moved to Dallas TX. I joined “Shotgun” a local rock band where I got my first studio recording experience. In the mid 90’s I joined Mick Martin and the Blues Rockers. I appear on 3 albums with Mick: GOOD TIME, BLUES PLATE SPECIAL, GOT TO PLAY THE BLUES. and on Glenn Lane's CD: ME AND THE BLUES I’m currently writing and recordind. I've been seen on stage with Chuck Berry, Freddie King, Point Blank, and have jammed with Peter Frampton as well as Elvin Bishop's band.
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