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Length: 3:12
On Network Since Mar 9, 2007
SongVault Certified Artist Rosella

Ohio, United States

Alternative / Hard Rock

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Sean Barbarotta - Bass
Chris Dudas - Guitar/Back Up Vocals
Ian Leffel - Guitar
Ben Marthey - Lead Vocals
Chris Urminski - Drums


adj. Coming again into being; showing renewed growth or vigor.

The word sums up the essence of the Cleveland Rock band, Rosella. A product of five individual musical experiences that include country, hip hop and metal. Formed in February of 2006, Rosella's music is the audible testament of the band's singular vision– original and honest rock.

Approaching song writing as an artistic opportunity to convey everyday life and emotion, the band's songs are universally personal and raw. "It's not important to be fast and loud, but rather to become tangible to our audience," says lead singer, Ben Marthey. The result is music driven by the rhythm guitar and complimented by crafted effects and bass chords. The hard-hitting drums enhance the energy while poetic lyrics baring a seductive quality welcome the listener in until they find themselves effortlessly singing along.

Live, Rosella maintains the integrity of their recordings by adding the back up vocals of rhythm guitarist, Chris Dudas. "It's critical that our fans come and get what they hear on the CD," says Sean Barbarotta, bassist. It is this commitment, as well as their commanding stage presence, that is drawing fans from to venues, and aiding the band in filling their schedule.

Rosella opened up for national touring acts:
Amity Lane and Ghost Machine of corporate punishment records in December of 06.

Seasons - December 06

Bulletproof, Bleaker Street and Choke off of their debut album "Seasons" have been featured on 92.3 Krock and 88.7 WJCU along with other area college and internet radio stations.

The band shot a music video for the song "Pay no mind" that is currently in the editing stages and will soon be released to the public in March of 2007.

Press Reviews:

Pressure Magazine December 06 Issue
Pressure Magazine
"....choruses are catchy and left me wanting to hear more."
~Pressure Magazine

The Plain Dealer:
Local spotlight: Rosella

Friday, January 26, 2007

Considering the post-grunge zeitgeist still seemingly has a stranglehold over rock radio, the timing appears right for Cleveland band Rosella's debut effort "Seasons," which is filled with familiar crunchy chords and heavy grooves. Among the highlights on the 10-track album are the Incubus-esque "Pay No Mind" and the Stone Temple Pilots-influenced "Picture Frames." The latter comparison stems more from the fuzzed-out guitar riffs and less from the use of a megaphone (a la Scott Weiland). What seems to be lacking on "Seasons" is a hint of future direction or individual style. However, it's this same mind-set that finds plenty of national bands garnering mass appeal. So why not Rosella's "Seasons" in 2007?

John Benson
Grade: B

Got Post Grunge?
The Plain Dealer
"Got post grunge?: There's no denying Rosella- Ian Leffel (guitar), Chris Urminiski (drums), Ben Marthey (vocals), Chris Dudas (guitar) and Sean Barbarotta (bass) - has a sweet spot for 90's guitar rock. The only question is whether Northeast Ohio is ready for the band's unabashed love for the Stone Temple Pilots. "I definitly feel like there's a scene going on," said Marthey, an Apple Creek native who graduated in 2000 from Wayne County's Waynedale Highschool. "We've been playing with bands like Disown, Second Half, Audible Thread and I feel like there's a solid core going on in music in cleveland. I think there just needs to be a band that can break through it all and bring the heat back to Cleveland." Among the power-charged tracks on the band's recently released debut, "Seasons," is the vocally enhanced megaphone song "Bullet Proof." Check out the five-piece at 8 tonight at the Jigsaw Saloon & Stage..."
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