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Rory Flynn
Rory Flynn

West Sussex, United Kingdom


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Rory Flynn is a Crawley based Songwriter

He has been writing songs for 15 years in various genres, including pop, rock, indie and ballad .

He received an Honorable mention in the 2002 Bliiboard Songwriting sontest for his song “Picking Up The Pieces”. He was named as one of the finalist in the pop category in the 2004 UK songwriting contest with his song “Out Of My System”.

Rory has independently released 4 EPs including his new one “Stopping Time”

He regularly plays at Open Mic nights in Brighton, Crawley, London & East Grinstead.

In 2006 four of Rory’s songs were placed in the semi-final stage in the UK song writing contest

In May 2007 his song “Acrobat” was play listed on Southern Counties Radio

In August 2007 Rory’s song “Fine Line” was placed as one of the finalists in the annual UK song writing contest

In October 2007 Rory took part in Oxjam with fellow artists and bands in the Crawley area where they raised over £5,000 for Oxfam.

In September 2007 he Rory played a short acoustic set in his local Virgin Megastore

In December 2007 Southern Counties Radio play listed a second song by Rory entitled “Too Late In The Day”

In 2008 six of Rory’s songs were placed in the semi-final stage in the UK song writing contest

Rory’s main ambition is for other artists to record his songs and to hear them on the radio
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