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ronny ecker/betty in black
ronny ecker/betty in black

Maryland, United States

Rock / Funk

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Explosive, Soulful, and Mesmerizing have been used to describe BETTY IN BLACK--- a funk, groove, hard rock band from Baltimore, MD, who create relentless funked-up grooves that suck you in and refuse to let go. Kirk McEwen - 98 Rock WIYY (Baltimore, MD) stated"Unbelievable talent on all levels and songs that make your ass shake regardless of what your doing" Their style can be best described as "James Brown meets Led Zeppelin". "Showcase Magazine (Chicago, IL) writes "If Flea, James Brown, Joe Perry, Clarence Clemons and John Jabo Starks started a band they would sound like Betty In Black." The strength of Betty In Black is their musicianship balanced with their songwriting. Founding member, guitarist Ronny Ecker, brings an edge of passion and intensity to the group's presentation. His bluesed-up, funked-out rock intense guitar riffs stir the mix that makes the band's appeal. Mike Semies' powerful and passionate lead vocals grab listeners and force them to take notice. Bassist John Urbanski is a Jedi master with a five string fretless. His funk-dripping bass lines are infectious and his solos are always a crowd favorite. Steve Rieth's sax tones bring a "Billy Dee Williams" type smoothness to the hard sounding funkasm. Tone Henderson - Laface Records "These guys are keeping it real". Together, these musicians are undoubtedly one of the best bands in America and are determined to let the world in on some of the strongest music of the new Millennium!! In addition to taking care of business in the studio and releasing 6 full length albums, Betty In Black has been steadily bringing their music to live audiences. Independent Distribution Network "When a band kicks THAT much ass...You really should warn people." Performing up, down, and all around the country in cities such as Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Memphis, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, New York, and others too numerous to mention, the band is collecting fans in every venue-whether it be the infamous CBGB's in New York, the Black Diamond on Beale St. in Memphis, or performing an in-store performance at Chicago's Tower Records. The band has also had the pleasure of sharing shows with artists such as Bo Diddly, Zakk Wilde, Vertical Horizon, They Might Be Giants, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, SR-71, P-Funk, Ronnie Montrose, Rick Derringer, and the list goes on!!!!
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