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Ronald Nicholson
Ronald Nicholson

Maryland, United States

Gospel / Contemporary Gospel

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As Ronald Nicholson is ministering the passion he feels for God is contagious. The talented songwriter and gospel singer’s strong voice is not just heard by the audience, but it is felt. Raised hands and teary eyes prove his words have been delivered by a higher power. His passion for the Lord has given him the ability to leave his listeners encouraged as well as enlightened!

Ronald’s interaction with his audience makes it clear that he is comfortable with what he has been called to do. Ronald’s debut album entitled, “Beyond My Faults” was a result of this messenger’s realization that he could achieve greatness by looking beyond himself and totally relying on God. “I just want individuals to understand the importance of being humble enough to yield completely to God’s will. Only then can one reach higher depths in the Lord. Not just for personal gratification, but for the billions of souls who desire to experience the presence of God.” -Ronald

This 25-year-old native of Baltimore is a member of Church of the Redeemed of the Lord (Bishop Jerome Stokes and Lady Marsha Stokes) where he has been an active member for ten years.

Ronald has been singing since the age of 8 and is driven by his desire to help others gain a sense of hope and reassurance in the Lord. He has had the opportunity to minister at various churches in Baltimore, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. Ronald was also blessed to be one of ten finalist chosen among thousands of contestants in Tyler Perry’s search for singers.

Ronald has a passion for ministry outside the four walls of the church and plans to travel the world to spread Gods word through music. He knows that God can and will heal and deliver people through the ministry.
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