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Ron Patton
Ron Patton

Long Beach
California, United States

Instrumental Pop / Dance Pop

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Ron was born and raised in Michigan. While attending Oakland University in Michigan, Ron decided to explore the possibilities of making songwriting a profession.

After graduating from college, Ron continued co-writing, recording songs with his twin brother, Arnold. They constantly promoted their demos to record labels and music publishers in the Detroit area. "We found,” says Ron, "that much of the music was custom-made for a select group of artists. There were too many people trying to second guess each other by writing in one particular style."

In 1976, the Patton Brothers moved to Los Angeles. Shortly afterwards, they began writing songs for Holland-Dozier-Holland Productions in Hollywood.
In 1980, Ron co-founded Baywest Records, which was based in Northern California. Co-wrote, produced, and arranged following songs released on Baywest:

*Don't Blame Me When You Lose Me (Artist: Michael Peyser)
*Your Key Fits (Artist: Laurie Roberts)
*Hook Me (Artist: Leroy "Ace" Miller)
*Ain't Nuthin' New Under The Sun (Except My Love)
(Artist: Dallas)
*Has Somebody Else Been Lovin' You? (Artist: Monique)

Recently, Ron released “The Return of The Twin", the follow up to his debut solo CD, "Biggie Was Here", (2003), also on Twin Noir Records. “Return” features smooth jazz, light rock, R&B and pop tracks, all romantic, fun and danceable, too. Available at: or toll-free 1-800-289-6923.
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