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Roman Matin
Roman Matin

Russia, United Kingdom

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Roman Matin was born in Minsk, Belarus, in 1981. His father played bass guitar in local rock bands. Roman was interested in music from his early childhood, and to his five he knew almost all European and American musical groups. His first major hobby became art-rock. Later Roman was acquainted to the academic and jazz music. Among the favorite musicians he calls Lester Young, Art Pepper, Kenny Burrell, Wes Montgomery, Fred Frith; his favorite composers are Bartok, Stravinsky, Satie, Shostakovich.

In music school Matin studied only the first two years and then switched to the private lessons. His first major teacher was his aunt - pianist Elizabeth Alexeyeva, who worked as a teacher at music high school. Later, the Belarusian Symphony Orchestra violinist Mikhail Goldin gave lessons to the young musician. Then Roman was taught to play the guitar by his friend Mitya Rud. In his youth Matin played in several local groups, performing rock, but he said "I do not want to follow my fathers’ footsteps, and rock music made me bored very soon".

The musician plunged into his own creativity. He remembers: "concerts bored me very much, and I began to think that the show - this is not my thing, and truly sincere music can be born only in silence". Being interested in academism, the musician spent much time "alone with himself writing in absolute silence ". The first works were used in Belarusian films. Roman gave few concerts, he spent a lot of time in the studio.

The creator of a truly unique style of playing the guitar, the holder of the original beauty of sound, marked by famous musicians and thousands of listeners, Roman released a new album "Music For Electric Guitar" in May 2008 - the first year on independent label RoDC. Matin’s style is a synthesis of jazz improvisation and academic approach; his polytonal and polyrhythmic technique with the lyrical and nostalgic mood music has won the hearts of listeners. Music of Matin appreciated by such greats as Sheila Jordan, Airto Moreira, Charlie Haden, Pauline Oliveros, Lenny White, Alphonse Mouzon, James Spaulding, Stu Goldberg, Ned Rothenberg, Tommy Emmanuel, a multitude of young musicians.
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