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Play The Game
#192 in Rhythm & Blues SongVault Certified
Play The Game
Play The Game
Length: 5:11
On Network Since Apr 27, 2008
SongVault Certified Artist RoGue

Los Angeles
California, United States

Soul / Indie Pop

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RoGue has had a tremendous year. Labeled as an independent band, this is no trio of amateurs. Erika Roshawn, Melina Rochelle and Krystle Roquel are masters of their craft. With the release of their sophomore album, Play The Game and a recent Los Angeles Music Awards nomination, the band has had their hands full with their success. Hailed as "impressively inventive" by LookInside Magazine, RoGue has proven to be a worthy contender among Los Angeles' myriad of indie bands. The band hit the airwaves when their first single Mr. Finnelly debuted on "The Upper Room with Joe Kelley" on WVOF FM. RoGue has been singing together their entire lives. The three sisters originally from the Bay Area and now based in Los Angeles are taking the west coast by storm. It's a family affair and the fans are loving it.
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