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Gotta Be Real
#893 in HipHop / Rap SongVault Certified
Gotta Be Real
Payin Bills
HipHop / Rap
Length: 4:24
On Network Since Jul 24, 2007
Rodney Hustle
SongVault Certified Artist Rodney Hustle

Texas, United States

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I have been writing since the age of 11 all kind of short stories and poems and it evolved into song writing. When I was 16 we entered a local talent show and won first place this thrusted us in the face of a major record label who wanted to sign myself and 2 other members in our group. Well at the time we were not ready for a young stand out pop group fame so we decided to stay in school. To make a long story end quick the major label ended up signing a live little group out of Waco, Texas called Hi five. We looked at that as our performing platform, thats where it all started. We pick up in 2003, with the Rodney Hustle project. Rodney Hustle aka Dat boi G, Sticky and Bfoster dropped an underground album with the rap group LST (LakeSide Thugs). With our crafty lyrical, content, and original beats, LST started getting spins at HOT 97.1 in New York, DJ Easy, 88.7 in Austin, and 102.7 in San Antonio, for their hot new single on the Lakeside album called Butt Wait. Due to the success of the first underground project, LST received some regional fame and a industry standard attitude. LST FOREVER BABY! Now a Gulf Coast All-Star the objective is to expose the All-Stars roster of Rodney Hustle and Nijah. In the fall of 2004 Rodney Hustle was part of a movement called "Gulf Coast All-Stars Right 2 Vote tour". Which Hustle made stops in San Antonio Texas-St Phillips College, Austin-Huston Tillitson, Houston Tx-Texas Southern University, Dallas Tx-SMU, Waco Tx- Baylor University (MTV Rock the Vote) and Beaumont Tx-Lamar University. With this college tour Hustle recieved raved reviews for performances, music, style and also social awarness. In the fall of 2005 I started my own publishing company and started writing my first solo album which will be titled "Payin Bills" and will be released in the Last quarter of 2007. Be sure and pick that up family! Im bringin the muthafuckin heat to the streets just like that! Haters keep goin in circles cuz they move to fast and real niggaz keep they game up!
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