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Rocker Lips
Rocker Lips

Kansas City
Missouri, United States

Rock & Roll

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Rocker Lips have been performing in Kansas City and surrounding areas for a year and a half. A triumvirate, Rocker Lips consists of Matt Rumans Guitar/Vocals, Andy Cantrell Bass/Vocals, and Chris Richards Drums/Vocals. Together they deliver a hard-hitting, high energy brand of rock and roll with an intensity that has been lacking from music in recent years.

With the release of their independently produced self-titled EP, Rocker Lips have received radio play in Kansas City, Illinois, and Lawrence, Ks. The band has also shared the stage with many established national acts including Lions, The Effects, The Mellismatics, The Start, Eve6, and Pictures of Then to name a few.

Influences: Mostly free beer, long hair, shredded vocal chords, and high voltage feedback! With sex, smoke filled rooms, territorial pissings, education, poor diet, bass fuzz, bright lights and screaming fans! -Rock and Roll-
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