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Rock iD
Rock iD

East London
London, UK

Alternative / Indie Rock

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Rocky began his career in Toronto, Canada, then moved to London and became part of Asian Dub Foundation as their drummer and co-writer.

Signed to Virgin/EMI, this Asian collective has
revolutionized the jungle-punk, rock world.

With ADF, he embarked upon a demanding touring schedule covering over 20 countries.

Rocky Singh aka Rock iD's talents and accomplishments continue to be recognized on the international stage.

As multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer and songwriter, Rocky is able to create and drive lyrically conscious melodies, through an innovative mix in which the languages of rock, hip hop, punk and alternative come together in one unique style.

Rock iD's new album, Motorscream includes other collaborators like Manu Chao and Massive Attack's bass player, Winston Blissett.

The recording has been worked on as indipendent production between the U.K., Italy and Canada through great managerial and artistic interchange. The international mood of the sound is generated by working with artists from all around the world.

Infact, contributions come from the talented French guitar player Guillaume, the Italian rocker Fortu on bass, Spex Mc from Bangladesh, the Brasilian bass player Ghost, Manu Chao on vocals and first of all, Rocky with his Indo/English background.

Rock i.D. Show has fast-paced, danceable grooves and jungle punk rhythms.

A killer live-set energy relentless from the beginning to the end, unforgiving in tempo and streaming in a dance Jungle Punk-Rock attitude.
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