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Rock Bottom Risers
Rock Bottom Risers

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Blues / Rock

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Rock Bottom Riser's, consisting of the members Charlie 'Civ' Clegg (Vocals/Rhythm guitar), Kane Scott (Lead guitar), Greg Kirby (Bass) and John Butcher (Drums) are a 4 piece Indie/Rock/Blues band hailing from Keighley, West Yorkshire. Although this band is relatively new, the songwriting partnership between Civ and Kane has been ongoing for a few years now, and has really hit a new peak with the Rock Bottom Riser's. Along with this, the band has the most steady rhythm section you are likely to see, with Greg providing flourishing yet understated bass lines and Butcher rounding it off with solid, funky drumbeats with the greatest of ease.

RBR's have played gigs across West Yorkshire and these have all resulted in positive feedback, with their first gig winning them a Battle of the Bands competition at Woodfest, whilst another gig opened up an opportunity for a possible music video to be made as well as receiving airplay on BBC Introducing.
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