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Rochelle Jones
Rochelle Jones

Grand Rapids
Michigan, United States

Gospel / Christian

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Ms. Rochelle Jones a Grand Rapids, Michigan based soloist for over 20 Years. "Music has always been an integral part of my life; I was Born to sing the Gospel of Jesus Christ",

Says the soloist who began singing since the age of ten in her hometown South Haven, MI. Ms. Rochelle's family moved to Grand Rapids, MI. It was there she developed a relationship with God. Rochelle at the age sixteen joined a local church choir and became a worship leader over the youth choir for a short period and began touring with worship leaders throughout Michigan, Chicago, Alabama, Mississippi and Kansas.

Ms. Rochelle has a love for the traditional standard gospel music as well as the contemporary urban sound. She is also an accomplished song writer, and is not a stranger to the studio. She sings with a six octave range. Her God gifted anointed voice is set apart from all others. She is introduced for such a time as this.
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