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Robbi Spencer
Robbi Spencer

Nevada City
California, United States

Alternative Rap / Alternative

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I have devoted my entire life to the production and promotion of music. I have owned and operated many recording studios in Northern California, including Lost Sheep Records, Sights & Sounds and The Funny Farm.

For the past 7 years, I have focused more on producing my own music and less on producing other projects. My first "real cd" I did was an album with my band Dr. Rockenstein, called WHISPER IN THE WIND,, that was released on December 25th, 1999.

Then I recorded a solo CD called DESTINY OF DOGS, which was released in August of 2000. It all started when Taiom Zawacki left some crazy messages on my voicemail and I thought they would be cool put to music, then there are some other tracks like Fallen that are pretty cool.

In 2001, I was contracted by Blue Dolphin Publishing Company to produce a Meditation CD called THE SPIRIT WIND. This CD has achieved major success and is currently featured on a Brazilian Meditation CD for Chakras Magazine. Sales worldwide have reached over 100,000.

March of 2002, I recorded another CD called THE PROS & THE CONS, With a band called Last Millennium, that featured Ed TenEyck on guitar and Vinnie Rule on drums

I released another solo CD in September of 2002 called DISFUNCTIONAL REALITY. It features Ed TenEyck on guitar and Tom Agar on drums.

After that, the US invaded Iraq and liberating the Iraqi people from Saddam Hussein's dictatorship. That was the beginning of a new group called Bunker Buster Bob. We recorded 10 songs and released a CD called IRAQ IN BLACK in early 2003.

After that, I decided to finish my Metal-Hop project called Uncle Stinky. I begged, borrowed and stole tracks for this release. The final CD entitled IF BULLETS COULD SING, was released as and EP in the later half of 2003.

After that, I did a solo Christian CD (a far departure from Uncle Stinky) and called it Spencer Roberts, FROM HEAR TO ETERNITY. This CD features cross-genre music like Reggae and Progressive Rock. It was released in January of 2004.

I hooked up with New York Producer Bill Laswell in June of 2004 and persuaded him to lay tracks on a World Music CD called THE ART OF REASON. This CD is finished and sitting on the shelf.....

My next CD called RADIOPHOBIA was inspired by SoundClick artists like Pres Seven. It was more of an Electronica style LP, but features Ed Ten Eyck on guitar and some really sweet beats from local SoundClick artists, or should I say, "Musical God's"? It was finished and released in February of 2005.

May of 2005, I released an EP called FREAK EASY, which featured some original rock/rap stylings that I had in the closet, as well as another track by Pres Seven.

December of 2005, I released a CD with Marcus Miller called THE OBJECT OF GETTING STONED. It was somewhat of a cross-over album, that featured my electronica/reggae style. A lot of programming went into this project.

I then wrote "Pigs in tha Club" for a Greatest Hits CD entitled THE VERY BEST OF ROBBI SPENCER, which was released March of 2006. My Favorites of all time are here on this page.

Then in June of 2006, I turned my musical attention to a long-time project called ALONE. This CD featured many songs that had been dormant in the SoundVault for some time. "Anjali" was first released as a single and then ended up on this CD with the song "Distracted".

I did another project with Lead Guitarist Patrick Julian, entitled CHASING BUTTERFLIES featured some original music about my recent life-changes. Most of the songs from the CD are songs that I play live in my show. This CD was released in May of 2007.

In August of 2007, I decided to begin recording again. My next project was a solo piano CD entitled FOOTPRINTS. It featured 20 original piano works as well as some well known songs that I played just for fun.

In September of 2007, I began laying the groundwork for four new CD's that will span from 2007 to 2008. The first is a Christian CD called DESOLATION. It also features Lead Guitarist Patrick Julian and then myself on pretty much all the other instruments. The next is a blues album titled BONEYARD BLUES, which Patrick will also play on. This album will also feature Mike Morales on Drums. Then there is a Hip-hop Instrumental CD titled HIPPIE HOP, which will feature the musical stylings of Patrick Julian on Lead Guitar. This album features blues arrangements of Hip-hop songs, with Satriani style solos. And the final project is a CD by Kid Einstein called VANITY, which is another Hip-hop style project with more vocal arrangements, than guitar arrangements. Patrick has agreed to play on this CD as well.

That outta keep me busy for a while! I believe that music is a very powerful gift and we should use it wisely as well as share it with others. Special thanks to all my homies, you rock!
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