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Rob E C
Rob E C

los angeles
California, United States

Electro / Dance Pop

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Electro-pop/dance recording artist Rob E C, who recently scored two club hits, “Right Here Waiting” and “Heaven”, of which a video can now be seen on, released three full length albums in 2006. Written and produced by Rob E C, “The Voices Inside”, “Deliverance”, and “The Remixes” are a must for fans of pop and electronic/dance music. “The Voices Inside” features two versions of the hit single “Right Here Waiting” and the original version of “Heaven”, his second single, a track that was heavily played at Abercrombie and Fitch stores throughout the country. The album also features a powerful ballad mix of the same track, as well as other outstanding songs like “Give It Up”, featuring rap vocals by Knotty, “Her Way”, and the heart-tugging ballad “Never Leave You Again”, which hit #6 on the American underground pop chart.
The second album, Deliverance, is electro-pop and euro-dance at its best. This is a must have album for dance music lovers. Outstanding tracks include the video version of his previous single “Heaven” and an incredibly powerful ballad “Wishing You Were Here”. Other outstanding tracks include the third single “Listen To Your Heart”, “You Can Try” and the very personal “Save Myself”.
The third album, “The Remixes”, includes twelve great dance versions of Rob E C songs from his first two albums. Included are a newly re-mastered version of “Right Here Waiting” (D.J. Solstice Grand Mix), which was on the cd single and the #1 System K Tribal Mix of Heaven from Cairo, Egypt. Other outstanding remixes by some of Europe’s hottest producers and deejays include “Never Leave You Again” (David Farquharson Club Remix), “Listen To Your Heart” (D.J. Solstice Electrofix Remix) and “The Last Time” (Field-Effect Remix) by one of Mexico’s hottest producers Ray Salinas. This album is a must for club deejays and people who love euro-house/progressive dance club music.
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