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Rob Crawford
Rob Crawford

Alabama, United Kingdom

Hard Rock / Singer/Songwriter

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I am what I would call an Internet musician.

I write, produce, perform and release my music to the world from my studio.

I love my music. If I didn't I wouldn't be spending my time doing it - and I pretty much spend every spare moment doing some activity or other towards my musical goals.

Despite this for a long time I've never felt that my music tastes have ever been very fashionable.

When I was about 15, a couple of friends came round to my house, there was some music on my stereo and they asked me what I was listening to. A bit timidly I said Paul McCartney's Greatest Hits, which was met by sniggers and derisory comments. This was in the late 80's and was even I knew not very cool. Teenagers at that time should have been listening to British pop stars like Duran Duran or Wham or Spandau Ballet. But it just never fit for me.

I on the other hand liked Queen, Paul McCartney, The Beatles, Blondie, a bit later Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, fast forward to REM, Blur, Oasis and more currently The Killers, Kaiser Chiefs, Artic Monkeys etc. I like them all but still never feel that fashionable about it.

I have been a songwriter since that same tender age of 15 and have spent the tiring process of trying to write music which I think other people want to hear. I've been trying to write music and lyrics for a publisher or agent or middle-man who decides whether or not a sound/lyric/style is appropriate for this particular act or singer. And I have ended up musically battered and bruised.

So, it has taken me a long time to realise but I have stopped doing that now. I now focus on the musical styles that I like, write music that I like and if people like it too - then all the better.

I have found that rather than writing to someone else's style, I should stick to my own and be comfortable with my own self (very Zen!).

These days music lovers are so less likely to be pigeon-holed into fashionable styles, they can find any music which fits their taste - maybe even mine!
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