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Ricochet Lakewood
Ricochet Lakewood

Far Rockaway
New York, United States

HipHop / Rap / Urban

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There are people who walk in a room and no one will notice and then there are people who walk - in and everyone has to find out who they are and what theyíre about; this definitely defines Ricochet Lakewood AKA Ricki.

Born and raised in Far Rockaway, NY as Verleiz Robinson, Ricochet pulls most of her determination from knowing there is more outside of the box. Ricki is a graduate from Wood- Tobe Coburn, earning a degree in Fashion Design and is a soon to be graduate of Touro College with a B.A. in Education and Psychology. Ricki remains a honor student while working on her new album Open For Business. Always finding time to be a crafty manipulator of words.

Ricki has been writing since before 1993, being inspired by artist such as L.L.Cool, Wu-tang, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Nas, Nonchalant, Heather B, groups like Total, and thatís just to name a few. However, she did not start seriously writing till 1998, when she meet, both label mate and husband Foul Al; it was his pointing out to her, her true potential that made Ricki become serious about her. However, itís been her decision to keep her talent under wraps, as a RENNY secret till now.

Foul Al and Rickiís mother played a big part in the influence of her album. Itís been two years since the diagnoses of her motherís cancer, and as her mother fights cancer relentlessly, she demands Ricki does the same with her many talents. Thus Ricochet is born and has come for Business not for play.

Each track on the Album has earned a spot from a place of truth. Times of joy, pain and laughter. There is something for everyone to enjoy.
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