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New York
New York, United States

Indie Rock / Post-Punk

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RewBee – The Jewel of NYC , a female fronted rock band that often draws comparisons to Hole, X and Blondie. The main songwriters are Rew (female) and Bee (male). Perhaps the best way to describe the chemistry, music and lyrics of lead singer/songstress Rew and lead guitarist/songwriter Bee would be to imagine Donnie and Marie raised by Iggy Pop and Patty Smith. Rew and Bee are survivors of a dysfunctional world and are intrigued with people and the relationships we have with each other and the universe we share. RewBee is raw, sexy, real & charming.

Bee met Rew at David Knights Music talks session in March 2006. They performed later that week unrehearsed at a Lower East Side venue. "I truly fell in love with Rew’s song, ‘Luv U’. It touched my heart in a way that hadn't been touched for a very long time and that’s when I knew I had stumbled upon something special." After only a few gigs and a couple months later, Rew suggested the name and unique spelling of ‘RewBee’. Bob Kuch morphed into ‘Bee’ and ‘RewBee’ was born.

Rew lived carefully for others then recklessly for herself, letting her inhibitions free... she’s dwelled in the fab cities DC, London, Philadelphia...& now her native NYC. Rew sings about her encounters with abuse, relationships, AIDS, heartbreak, drugs, sleaze, danger & motherhood, as “these are the things that inspire my writing,” Rew is always aspiring to improve herself & her world...

Bee, born Robert Kuchinov in Phila. Pa. may perhaps be the only Mongolian/Puerto Rican rock guitarist in the world. Bee brings his non-conformist, rebellious, edgy self into the mix by delivering raw, high-energy guitar work that compliments Rew's oft-timid and abstract lyrics. Bee has lived in LA and now NYC for the past 18 years and considers NYC his home.
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