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Renee Zawawi
Renee Zawawi

new york
New York, United States

Dance Pop

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Renee Zawawi and her stirring dance-pop sound is America's best kept secret - but it won't be a secret for much longer! Originally from Philadelphia, PA, Renee Zawawi has been all around the globe with her party-time tracks - capturing the imaginations of audiences everywhere. Her music will bring to mind artists like Madonna and Bjork, but what sets this new talent apart is her distinctive life-story and globally-conscience voice: Renee Zawawi's journey has not always been easy though. While still a young child, Zawawi was abducted from her home in Philadelphia and taken overseas. "I sang to release my soul and relieve the heartache of what I was going through," Zawawi explains. "Through perseverance and determination, I was eventually reunited with my family here in the USA." Zawawi’s” struggles continued to accumulate upon her return home: "I searched for my mother all my life, and the only time I found her was upon hearing that she was passed away and I saw her in the funeral home." Her father insisted on an education, but Zawawi’s only passion was singing. Following some work as a model and winning some local beauty pageants, Renee Zawawi moved to New York City, which is where her career took off. Her debut record, "Legends" was produced by The Demo Center in NYC - and is set to be released in 2007. "It's a very personal record, and is titled 'Legends' because it's about the best and worst experiences I have been through." The recording features Zawawi’s vulnerable but infectious voice singing lyrics that are both relevant and timely for a global audience. "I write about personal experiences and I love experimenting with different and unique sounds." Every track booms, pulses and croons with it's own flavor - whether it be party-time energy or sentimental emotion. The track "American Girrrl" is about the struggles of being accepted into today's exclusive and super-tough entertainment industry. "The Wind Was Her Only Music" tells of Zawawi’s experiences being dragged away from home by her abductors, longing to see her family. "Flirt With Me" is a good-time party-track about dancing, flirting and having fun. In "Happy Hour", Zawawi playfully sings about the power of a woman and playing love games. The track "Children of the World" was written to raise funds to help children suffering from war, violence and disaster - the chorus was translated into 7 languages so that it could be equally enjoyed by Children in their native language. It's evident that Zawawi's one passion is writing and performing. "I can't imagine living without music in my life," Zawawi explains. "There is no better feeling than sharing touching moments with my audience. I think there are songs on my record for everyone, and I can't wait for people to hear it!"
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