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Desert Hot Springs
California, United States

HipHop / Rap

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The imminent death of Hip-Hop is finally a thing of the past. Rem3dys music captures the hearts of those who hear it. His music revives the hearts of his listeners...uncompromising honesty combined with his passion and obvious musical talent creates a bond between him and his fans. They relate to him as a person and not only a musician, his sincere approach solidifies the authenticity of his music.Remedys love for creating music has not wavered since he heard his first Marvin Gaye song at the young age of four years old! Born in Montgomery Alabama Rem3dy has been musically inspired by artist ranging from Frankie Beverly to Tupac Shakur, his ability to understand other peoples circumstances has given him the ability to write music that many people can relate to. At an early age he began to play music, the piano and violin were his foundation; at early age had was first exposed to hip hop the first song Willie heard was "Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer, soon after that the hip hop verse he memorized was the theme music for his favorite TV show "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire". His reality was far less glamorus than the lives of those depicted on television. At six years old he and his mother graduated from living in a homeless shelter to low income housing. The harsh realities of the street were constantly around him. He knew that he wanted to do music more than anything, while many of his close friends were incarcerated or entrapped by the environment he continued to make music. "I dated girls who would tell me that I wont make it, I'm not good enough!", despite the criticism of those he loved he continued with a Divine determination that no one could stop. "I met lots of musicians, rappers, producers, etc...but no of them were doing it for the right reason!...Some were better than me...they were comfortable were they were at... I knew that I would pass them and never be comfortable!!!..." Winning talent shows performing at colleges winning competitions were small accomplishments for Remedy because he know that he could do better than second place...
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