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Nebraska, United States

HipHop / Rap / Urban

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Starting out rapping at the age of 13. First called himself Lil ReD carrien the name of his father and soon just became known as ReD. Later he thought every artist has an aka so he soon became known as ReD aKa Tha Don aKa Mr. Amazing aKa Mr. Versatile. He later on throughout began to realize that he really had talent so he decided to take it to the next level. Started recording with a lil program called mixcraft and a $30 microphone. he soon upgraded his studio equipment and began recording with friend of his sister Edward Walker. Walker produced ReD'S 1st mixtape titled "A NEW BEGINNING". Soon ReD saw an opportunity to purchased all of walkers studio equip. and began learning how to mix and master all of his songs by himself at age 15. by age 16 he began working on his 2nd mixtape"The Closer:A VERY WET ROAD". It was to be a masterpiece. His dream was none other then to have his own studio and Label. He made this dream come true and founded ReD Productionz(Death 4rm Above Records in the year of 2008-09. He was soon giving a chance to display his talent at omaha Keno Kings by a man known as Kila Krasie. Since then he has become known by a few other local artist. He is given the opportunity to be something and live this dream. He hasnt dropped Any other mixtapes or albums but is currently working on his 3rd mixtape (NOT TITLED YET(. A couple of his new hit singles include "Do It All", AllStar Gurl, and Emotionz. HE PROMISES IT IS GOING TO BE PHENOMENAL....BECOME A FAN AND SHOW LOVE....IF YOURE INTERSTED IN HELPING ME PROMOTE MY MUSIC JUST SEND ME A MESSAGE....THANKS......
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