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Real Life Music Group
Real Life Music Group

Florida, United States

HipHop / Rap

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Real Life Music Group consists of Indo Leo, B. Popes, and Maxx F. All hailing from Tampa, FL, RLMG is a diverse set of MCs with a focus on creating music that is worthy to be called “Real Hip Hop”. Separating themselves from the masses, RLMG’s obsession with creating thought-provoking and witty lines helps them remain true to their pursuit of real hip hop music. Listeners are offered tracks that are lyric-driven with “back to the basic” concepts, and intelligent verses that reward their audiences. Maxx and B. Popes step to the plate delivering verses that consistently deserve rewinds and run backs, while Indo Leo adds his versatility with his own eclectic style, often times harmonizing his laid back flows.

What Real Life Music Group supplies is music that listeners can relate to and appreciate. If the music is based on Real Life, then it has to be right.
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