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Rashid Ali
Rashid Ali

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Rock & Roll / Soft Rock

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Rip it Up' was formed in the Summer of 2006 (taking the name from Orange Juice's classic 80's hit) coinciding with regular appearances on a Sky Television, Saturday night prime time chat show 'The Boland Show'. Presented by Maurice Boland, Rip it Up (Rashid Ali - Vocals and Al Gregg - Guitars, contributed musical guest intros, jingles, show theme tune, plenty of character banter and performances with the high profile celebrity guests including George Gallaway etc. Rashid, the lead vocalist, is in his mid twenties and is a highly talented singer/songwriter, influenced by Jeff Buckley and Freddie Mercury. He has performed for many years both solo and in rock bands in varying live venues around Hertfordshire where he hails from. He has also appeared in many London gig venues including most notably Covent Garden's Rock Garden as part of a regular unplugged/acoustic outfit. Al, the guitarist, is a highly experienced professional musician, songwriter and producer. He has played for many recording artists, including Polydor signed bands, has worked with many well known producers/engineers/musicians (eg; 'Ace' ex-Skunk Anansie; Nigel Hoyle ex-Gay Dad) and has appeared on TV, Radio and in various music Magazines (Classic Rock, NME, Kerrang, Melody Maker). He has toured the length and breadth of the UK many times (Headlining The Forum, LA2, The Cavern, Ronnie Scott's, 100 Club, Dingwalls, etc). He has an extensive discography (Major label and Indie) and contributes the melodic element to the band. He is also a professional actor, experienced in many Stage, Television, Film, Commercials and Voice Overs. Rip it Up have just released their debut album 'Rip it Up' on Ankh Music. You can preview and download the tracks, some of which are free at; .................
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