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Random Allies
Random Allies

Ontario, Canada

Rock / World Pop

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Random Allies is a rock band based in Toronto, Canada and is spearheaded by its chief songwriters, Walter Lasky and Ted Bonis. This duo is "Random Allies", and along with their musical guests, has a history of playing clubs, university campuses, music festivals and TV appearances. Some of the band's influences are AeroSmith, Bon Jovi, ZZTop and many more. In the last year , Random Allies has mainly focussed their effort on writing and recording their new CD "Thunder Run". This CD contains 12 hard driving rock songs mixed with a few punchy ballads. After much anticipation, "Random Allies" has just released their long awaited studio CD "Thunder Run". This album starts with hard driving songs such as Fire Ball, Have Some Fun, Bad Attitude, Break The Fall and Roseanne, mixed in with strong ballads like Heaven, Wild Horses, that give "Tunder Run" an exciting mix and real listening adventure. Random Allies "Thunder Run" contains a total of 12 tracks, written, recorded and sung from the gut to give a "Live In Concert" feel. Currently, Random Allies is in the midst of planning a promotional tour in support of their latest CD. Details of which will be released soon
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