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New Day
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New Day
New Day
Length: 4:30
On Network Since Oct 30, 2007
Rachel Lynn
SongVault Certified Artist Rachel Lynn

Santa Monica
California, United States

Soul / Singer/Songwriter

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Acting as a soulful rep for humanty, Rachel Lynn brings unbridled honesty to the stage. Her lyrics are soaked with passion, irony and humility and only her unforgettable voice can facilitate the power of her message.
"What you see going on around me is a mirage; something that wouldn't be present or real without muziq...there really is a drum that beats underneath it all."
As a jazz pianist and vocalist in her late teens, and then as a member of the University of Oregon's elite GOSPEL SINGERS group, Rachel Lynn has gained an edge in shaping the essence of her music. Still, she pushes on into other diverse genres with professional influences that embrace:TRACY CHAPMAN, LAURYN HILL, ERYKAH BADU, ALANIS MORISSETTE.
To see Rachel Lynn perform is to be captivated. She owns the mic like a cool cat and enchants her listeners, transporting them to a place where honesty and passion collectively reside.
This newfound California-girl released her debut album, NEW DAY, c/o Rolling Beat Records, in March of 2006. The album is a showcase of her soulful voice, passionate melodies and the best of her twelve- year songwriting career. Miss Lynn is set to release a new EP in September of 2007 featuring LIVE acoustic instrumentation and guest artists.
Whether while enjoying a solo acoustic show or a major music event, Rachel Lynn's unforgettable voice and soulful lyrics are destined to be heard.
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