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Rachel Fields
Rachel Fields

Arkansas, United States

Adult Contemporary / Singer/Songwriter

Listen to Rachel Fields
The “Rachel Fields Band” (RFB) is a 5-piece Contemporary- Folk Rock Band.

The Rachel Fields Band plays Original and soulful music and adds their own touch to the most familiar of songs. With jazz, rock, blues, jam, pop, folk, gospel, and funk influences RFB has been said to have created their own fascinating sound. You just have to hear them.

1601 CR 3171
HARTMAN, AR, 72840
(479) 647-9293

“The vocalist Fields…….. Young Powerhouse stunned east coast audiences”- Merv Ellis ( RELIX Magazine) 1999

Rachel Fields - Lead vocals, Guitar, Flute. Born in Pine Bluff, AR began singing and playing piano by ear at age 2. Made transition to playing flute at age 11 as it was the least expensive instrument in the band room. At 18 Rachel went to AMDA (American Musical and Dramatic Academy) in NYC where her vocal talents were discovered. After a moderate stay in Branson and several early bands it had become apparent that writing songs, singing, and accompanying herself on guitar were going to be her future. Rachel has toured and sang with JGB (Jerry Garcia Band) and has worked with several Bay Area greats such as Jude Gold, Peter Harris, Stu Hamm, Jim Bogious, Joel Smith, members of Big Brother and the Holding Company and Jefferson Starship, she has opened for bands such as: Dave Nelson Band, Merl Saunders and The Rainforest Band, Gov’t Mule,
Wide Spread Panic, and The 4 Tops.

“Rachel’s voice is heavenly as ever”- Stephen Garcia (Michigan based musician.) 2007

Rachel’s unique style of singing and powerful stage presence has been compared to performers such as, Joe Cocker, Stevie Nicks, Natalie Merchant and yes, Janis Joplin.

“With her mannerisms and stage movements Rachel is like Arkansas’ female answer to Joe Cocker”- Peter Read (Nightflying Music News)2007

Expressing a wide range in her song-writing styles from sensually spiritual ballads to hard hitting knock-your-socks off rhythm and blues. Rachel Fields has proven to be the fearless leader of the Rachel Fields band. A truly unique experience.


“Too Good To Pass Up” – Shannon Day (KLXK 93.5)

Jeff Coley - guitar. Born in blues capitol Memphis, TN. later moved to small-town Arkansas. He got his first electric guitar and amp at a pawnshop on Beale Street (Thank-you Dad and Grandma). Influenced by rock greats, Eddie Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, and Eric Johnson. Jeff also began playing by ear at a very young age. He has become a legend in his hometown and surrounding area after fronting several local bands. His flavor-full guitar licks help to develop and define the sound of RFB’s original arrangements.

“The Music Is Energizing” – Unfaithful Servant (AR Based Jam Band)

Russell Rose - keyboards. Born Chicago, IL now living deep in the woods of the Ozarks. Began playing piano at age 8 immediately traded piano for a Lowrey Organ. Spent many years on the road as a true “dead head” while exploring many musical and visual art forms. His musical influences are Keith Emerson, Rick Wakeman, Ray Charles and Elton John. Loves to jam in the style of the Grateful Dead and Phish. He is truly an artist.

“Good Honest Music” – Peter Black (Hidden beach Recordings)

John Roberts - percussion. Born in Frankfurt Germany, moved to Pine Bluff Arkansas. He started playing drums at the age of 12 in his Jr. high school band. Recruited his junior year of High school for the U.S. Army band. Influenced by Steve Gabd, Buddy Rich and Carter Beauford. John has played with various bands across the southeastern U.S. His flavorful rhythms set the music into motion.

Excerpt from Nightflying Magazine written by Peter Read 03/11/2007

I spent an evening at Ava's Village Pub recently watching Rachel Fields and her new band work out, and it was a fun time. It was also a treat to hear Rachel again, as she is one of the best vocalists in the state. (Actually we lost her to New York for a time, but good sense prevailed and she moved back to the hills…)
With her mannerisms and stage movements Rachel is like Arkansas' female answer to Joe Cocker…she tends to emote with her hands and arms as she sings, (but stops short of the spastic gyrations and shaking of Mr. Cocker)…
It was a pleasant night, too, with Rachel aptly demonstrating her incredible vocal range and ability. She's best on her original material, but wails on the rare cover tunes…and has a Gospel singer's intensity on the soulful stuff. (I'd like to hear her take on "Amazing Grace" some time…)
And the most recent word is that she has started production on yet a new CD.
Rachel is the niece of our late great writer Burger, and one can see and hear some of the same ingredients in her music-makin
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