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Quintet for the End of Time
Quintet for the End of Time

Texas, United States

Alternative / Contemporary Classical

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Organically grown from a single piece called "Kickin' It", the Quintet came from group members asking Kevin Hanlon for more music. Hanlon's vision is that the Quintet is essentially a new music ensemble. Hanlon has directed, coached and conducted university new music ensembles for years, programming works composed by George Crumb, Witold Lutoslawski, John Cage, Edgar Varese and Gyorgy Ligeti, among many other modern music composers typically associated with new music in the university. But he also injected an expanded sensibility of what new music is by programming Laurie Anderson, King Crimson, Oingo Boingo and many other hard-to-pin-down artists on the concerts. So it is that the Quintet for the End of Time, as a manifestation of this background, has played a wide variety of venues that include international music festivals, clubs/dives, classical music concerts/recitals and entracte music for contemporary dance concerts.
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