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Queen YoNasDa
Queen YoNasDa

Arizona, United States


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"No Nation Can Rise Higher Than It's Woman," is a saying that breathes truth. Queen YoNasDa epitomizes this energy as a hip hop artist, curator, and activist. Without a doubt, there is an imbalance occurring in hip hop where female emcees have been silenced. Her strong presence is bringing femcees with a message back to the forefront of music as the days of Queen Latifah and Lauryn Hill with a modern twist. Her musical style encompasses an eclectic mix of wisdom, grooves, catchy hooks, and is sure to reach the masses.

"I'm not here to beat people in the head with a sermon, I'm here to tell the truth," she eludes. This lyrical queen has completed her debut album, "God.Love and Music" featuring Cappadonna, Dr. Ben Chavis Muhammad, Keith Murray, M-Eighty and others with production by Cookin Soul, New York West, CR Productions, K-Boog and others. She speaks and performs across the United States promoting unity, education and respect for all cultures. With roots reaching back to Native American tradition and the Nation of Islam, where her mother, a Lakota (Sioux) and her father, a hustler and a fine artist hailing from Brooklyn, this queen knows the blues all to well, but never let it dampen her spirits.

The two met in 1975 during the time in which her mother worked as a public relations director for Muhammad Ali. Shortly afterwards the two met they got married. YoNasDa was born during the historic moment of “The Longest Walk,” which took place in protest to anti- Indian legislation. Her mother, Oglala-Lakota participated in the 3,000-mile trek which began at San Francisco Bays Alcatraz Island and culminated on the White House grounds. YoNasDa was conceived there in Washington, D.C, April 1978, one of only two children born during this historic journey and a place that would later become for her a Mecca of sorts.

Due to her father's hustling, it led to his imprisonment and a aiding and abetting charge for her mother, who served time in a Fort Worth, Texas, prison. During this time Minister Louis Farrakhan stepped in, moved YoNasDa and her brother to Chicago, adopting them into his family. "Without Minister Farrakhan or grandpa as I call him and the whole Farrakhan family, my brother and I would've been caught up in the foster care system. I can't even imagine the woman I would have been if it wasn't for the Farrakhan family. God is beautiful in his design,” she reflects so candidly.

As a young child YoNasDa stood by her mother’s and grandfather's side speaking to the hip hop nation. She remembered when he uttered "one of a rapper's songs is equivalent to five of his speeches.” As an emcee, YoNasDa is living proof. She takes her responsibility seriously by using her music as a mouth piece to educate and uplift young people. As a mother she sees what music can do and understands the power of the spoken word. YoNasDa has a mission and is going full throttle. She is the national director for the Indigenous Nations Alliance. This truth-teller is a published writer who has a weekly column in the Final Call Newspaper and is now bringing her artistry to the world. To YoNasDa "Queen" is not just a word, it is a calling and she's rising to the occasion.
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