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Purple Hood Manifesto
Purple Hood Manifesto

Paris, France

Contemporary Classical / Experimental

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In the case of French sound explorer Stephane Calbo, the term computer assisted could be called doubly misleading: first, if it suggests that he needs any help, and second, if it implies any sort of sterility. These are gorgeous traceries of the contours of sound--and they've got soul (Cnet/Music Download)

The classical banner now covers both the ancient and the avant-garde, but we're doubly intrigued by artists brazen enough to combine the two-composers like Stephane Calbo, who warps formal passages into unlikely shapes. These tracks aren't for the traditionalist, but they are helping to revive a grand tradition. (Cnet/Music Download)

Written, produced and played by Stephane Calbo, these musical pieces are characterized by their repetitive structures, their systematic experimentation of computer assisted composition and their elaborate textures of sound.
Influences : minimalism (Steve Reich, Phil Glass, Terry Riley), ambient (Brian Eno), post-modernism (Michael Nyman).
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