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Move It
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Move It
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HipHop / Rap
Length: 4:19
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What is Love
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What is Love
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HipHop / Rap
Length: 2:49
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Prezidential Tripz
SongVault Certified Artist Prezidential Tripz

Florida, United States

HipHop / Rap / Freestyle

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Keishaun Khie Harris was born into this world on October 31st, 1987 becoming the healthy boy that Kisha Maddox was praying for. This Bronx Native grew up in a single parent home. Growing up as a single child he coined the name "King" from his mother. He was the king of her life and king of the house, but his favorite aunt called him by his middle name "Khie", so close friends and family call him "King Khie" while the rest of the world knows him by "Tripz". The Name Comes from Anytime he would get into a game of dice someone would get triples of a number, so, for short they would call him "Tripz". His Name would become apart of him when he started to take on rapping seriously in the 9th grade. Growing up in the Boogie down Bronx there are a lot of both negative and positive things you could get yourself into. He decided to take the positive role in rapping. In 2003 Tripz was getting really serious into the Music industry until tragedy halted his career. His favorite aunt passed away, shortly after his best friend passed away who was also his rapping partner by the name of "V-Money". As he says in one of his Rhymes "My right arm is dedicated to the dead," he would tattoo them in loving memory. An angelic face of his aunt graces his upper right arm and the right forearm says "I'm still like the 1 train I ride with the nine…" for V-Money. Soon After he realizes that what he wanted to do with rapping he was going to do, and be the best at it. He decided to make himself and family proud and live for the future. Currently He's enrolled into a Florida College to Studying his passion "recording arts". Something that himself and $4EverRich$ business partners say," I'll see ya'll at a quarter billion, meet me only if you can. I don't wear sneakers, I wear moon boots because I'm fly and in a whole different zone, if I believe in myself I'm unstoppable."

Artist: Prezidential Tripz
Label: $4EverRich$ Ent/Suthun Music Entertainment
Management: Contact AJ Burton 404-704-0385/

For Bookings: Ujaama Talent Agency, Inc.
Attn: Sharon Rivers
501 7th Avenue, Suite 312
NY, NY 10018
(212) 629-4454
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