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Pin Drop Violence
Pin Drop Violence

Mumbai, India

Metal / Hard Rock / Heavy Metal

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If Mumbai ever needed a hardcore metal band, then it needed it most in the year-end of 2000. The scene was stale and needed more 'heavier' music. Enter Pin Drop Violence – the realization of a vision shared by Pradeep and P-Man. Immediate roping-in of members started and every kind of playing platform was taken up. After 7 long years, the present roster is Pradeep Miranda on vocal duties, Mithun Poojari 'GridKid' on guitars, P-Man on bass and Virendra Kaith 'Virus' on drums.

Bringing live energy to the stage was all but natural for the band. Gut-crunching, low-tuned riffola backed by growls and groove elements were all but devoured by the metal-craving crowds at their shows all over the country. The concept that 'seeing is believing but hearing makes you a believer' was on the band's mind when they stepped in the studio to record their debut album ‘Compose...Oppose...Dispose’ released through OML Records and distributed by Sony Music (India).

PDV released its second album 'Right II Riot' in 2007, which was released by Counter Culture Records. Recorded and produced by Fali Damania at ‘Over The Top’ Studios, Mumbai, its mastering/mixing was completed at The Mastering Room AB in Sweden by Goran Finnberg, who has worked with metal bands like Dark Tranquility, In Flames and many others.

On the achievements front - the band's song 'Get 'em Off' has been featured on the compilation 'Metal Alternativo 2' which was handled by Zero Records in Spain. The video for their song 'In Dependence' was aired on Channel V, since PDV had won the Channel V 'Launchpad' Competition in 2005. Competing at college levels and beyond, PDV gained accolades as best band as well as individual prizes for best vocalist and best drummer, and winning best drummer at the inaugural Jack Daniel's Indian Rock Awards 2007.

Having dominated the local club scene and other venues, the band finally got its first gig overseas when they played at Shamal 2006 in Dubai, UAE. Thus, riveting the fact that an Indian metal band has something to offer on an international scale as well.
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