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Phoenix and the Phoenixes
Phoenix and the Phoenixes

Georgia, United States

Bubblegum Pop / Rhythm & Blues

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Phoenix and the Phoenixes are one the newest pop centerfolds of a group there is nowadays. Their music ranges from New Wave Pop to Contemporary R&B, giving the people something everyone can enjoy. They first joined together in 2000, soon after releasing an indie single called "Dance With Me". Soon after, their self titled mixtape was released, and the group has been getting their share in the limelight. Now, 6 years later, the group has been touring parts of Atlanta, solo AND collectively. They are ready to get back in the studio and back on the top. Their first single, "Flaws and All", is now released and getting major feedback. The group also has more mixtape projects coming up with other artists, including their new one due Mid-Summer 2007. Be on the look out for this wonderful pop phenomenon!
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