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Paul Pickett
Paul Pickett

North Carolina, United States

East Coast Rap

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After 28 years of struggling,14 years of rhyming,7 years of Grindin theres No Turning Back.With Two Albums and Two Mixtapes Under his belt its evident Paul Pickett otherwise known as Paul Ma$$on is one of the most consistent and persistent artist the game has to offer with a mix of lyricis and reality, no sugar coating.The Name Rings Bells, from being 1 a week straight on 104.5 fm's Top six at six to his two appearances on NBC 17 's Larry Pickett Show and feature on The Indie Heat Mixtape and South Carolina's Finest Indie Street Magazine.With Performances from Fayetteville (Club Palace,Club 910,Dejavu ), to Chapel Hill's (Local 506) to Raleigh's (Larry Pickett Show) to Greenville's Convention Center to Maxton (710 Dragstrip) and so on he is definately no stranger to the stage.Even though he should have been signed yesterday its Better Late Never.New Litter,Inc. Presents NC's Finest Paul
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