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paul garlits
paul garlits

cerro gordo
Illinois, United States

Chillout / Lounge / Electronic

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1000psi.....Groovy and hypnotic, deeper darker experimental electronic, chillout and lounge music. 1000psi is a one man band and was originally formed as a heavy metal project in 1997, even though the music played was strickly metal I was searching out and listening to music of many different genre's from all over the world looking for cool new ideas musically. In 2001 I heard chillout music for the first time and it changed my whole musical direction. Chillout is everything I love all rolled up into one. Electronic, ambient, jazz, blues, rock and world music. I still like to play metal occasionally, but, this is what my soul sings. The music of 1000psi is geared toward use in film, tv, video games, corporate video and all other types of media and production projects that require descriptive musical backing.
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