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Patrick Lew's Band
Patrick Lew's Band

San Francisco Bay Area
California, United States

Hard Rock / Pop/Hair Metal

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-- Only Patrick Lew is the original remaining, and founding member left out of all incarnations of Patrick Lew’s band.
-- When Patrick Lew’s Band was created as a Rock And Roll musicial project, they initially had a childhood friend Lew known from high school as a live drummer. Tommy Loi, though he never played on the recordings of Patrick Lew’s music box. Had made very early and obscure live appearances with the rock band. He left the band in the Fall of 2002, to focus on his studies.
-- Before 2006, NO early photographs and electronic or written recollections exist of Patrick Lew’s band. Sources are often disputed online through unauthorized news articles summarizing the history of the music and band itself. The MAIN reason no early videos, photos and other important information currently exists from pre-2006 Patrick Lew’s band, some often mistaken Lew starting his music career around 2005. Sources before 2006 vary by source, and until recently. These inaccuracies and factual errors were recently corrected on various Patrick Lew’s Band biographies and his website. However, recordings do exist from the pre-2006 era of Patrick Lew’s music career.
-- After Loi’s departure from the group, all recordings used a drum machine rather than a live drummer programmed through former guitarist Eddie Blackburn’s guitar pedal. Reasons for this was because of the unsuccessful and skeptical attempts of looking for the right drummer in their music due to lack of sources and patience. Live shows often used a laptop plugged into a sound system with a drum loop backing track, to give the live sound it’s musical arrangement.
-- On two occasions in late 2004, Patrick lew’s Band used two schoolmates as backing musicians for a live gig. Janet Wang on Guitar and mony Ngin on Drums. Though never official members of the band, at this point. The high school version of the group was beginning to show signs of extracurricular side projects. Shortly after recording “Blizzard of Sound” in October 2004. Eddie and Shawn, while still members of Patrick Lew’s Band, were honing their musical expertise in other side projects at the time. Therefore, was unavailable for the gigs.
-- The first major change in the lineup since Loi’s departure occurred in July 2005, which forever altered and revised the story behind Patrick Lew’s music. Eddie Blackburn and bassist Shawn Blacharski, departed from the band due to personal and musical tensions and differences. This later rescinded the historical documents and references in regards to pre-2006 Patrick Lew’s Band. Lew sold the rights to his high school band to his departed bandmates, and later Lew had to rewrite the history and musical projects pertaining to Patrick Lew’s Band since.

--- Zack Huang, a schoolmate of Patrick’s from City College, joined the band in early 2005. And briefly had musical activity with former band members Blackburn and Blacharski, before they parted company. No recordings exist from these sessions, and later proved to be the delay in recording Patrick Lew’s Band’s 2nd album “Revenge.” Which the idea was originally conceived in late 2004.
-- The high school version of Patrick Lew’s Band played a total of an undocumented 42 gigs during their time together locally from 2001 to 2005.
-- For a brief time in summer of 2005, lew placed an ad on MySpace Musicians newspaper ads to hopefully recruit a new lead guitarist to replace Blackburn. In doing so, guitarist Mark Holmes briefly joined and played in the project. He eventually abruptly left the band, unbeknownst to Lew and Huang. Apparently, to run a life of crime and gang related business in his hometown.
-- There were two occurrences, where Patrick Lew’s Band was a musical duo. Patrick and Zack in mid-to-late 2005 and Patrick and Dave Arceo from October 2007 to April 2008.
-- Patrick Lew’s Band was mainly a rock trio or quartet for most of its run, before, it became a solo project for Lew.
-- In early 2006, Patrick Lew’s Band recruited two new musicians into their “Band of Asians” era version of the project. Lew was attending Skyline College at the time and hired schoolmates Dave Arceo on drums and Augusto Hernandez to replace Blacharski on Bass. Making this the first time, the band had a live drummer since Loi’s departure in late 2002.
-- Patrick Lew’s Band, the current MySpace music profile, was created on July 27, 2006. And was originally the band profile for Patrick’s community college band, the Band of Asians. Until Dave left the band in April 2008, ending the Band of Asians project.
-- Patrick Lew first joined (as a solo musician) on August 10, 2005. Although, the high school version of the group has been around Soundclick as early as May 2003. Though the account and profiles associated with that page, are now defunct.
-- Patrick Lew’s Band has promoted itself on dozens of various music websites for independent musicians, mainly for promotion and…Boredom at home on the computer.
-- The total number of recordings Patrick Lew’s Band has made since their arrival in the music industry, have totaled up to 315 archived recorded tracks in the vaults.
-- Eddie Blackburn, despite having a presence in the band in the studio and live, only played on 15 recorded “official” tracks with Patrick Lew’s Band. And wrote and performed, also recorded, two tracks in the project. The “Blizzard of Sound” album the band originally recorded, Lew no longer owns the copyrights and publishing to, and therefore. Is not considered a Patrick Lew’s Band recording or album.
-- The band recorded most of their original music on analog 4-track Tascams. Or, bootlegged their live performances and demoed their music on Walgreens tape recorders. Until 2004, that’s when they began using digital technology to record on.
-- On May 8, 2006, the band came together at Patrick’s former music school Vibo Music Center to do a Tape Recital. All members spent a total of 3 to 4 days preparing the electronic music workshop to present to a small room. Resulting in the only “official” live album by Lew to date, “Band of Asians, Live!”
-- The band began ideas for their 2nd album “Revenge” as early as December 2004, but was delayed because of personal difficulties and Bandalisms. Ideas for the album were conceived when Blackburn and Blacharski were still members of the project. The actual recording of the album was halted when they left, so money was spent on gear at Guitar Center to prepare for the record and making the music. It wasn’t until February 2006 when the musicians would step into a friend’s recording studio in Daly City to put the music together. The album’s recording sessions wrapped up on September 13, 2006. The album was released on CDBaby on Lew’s 21st birthday. Almost 4 years since their first album “Psychotic Love” was released.
-- Patrick Lew’s Band, though low-key concerts, played about 9 gigs in 2006. Mostly at Skyline College.
-- Augusto Hernandez, left the band in early 2007 to join another local garage band and focused on college. He was replaced by Lew and Huang’s schoolmate, backyard wrestler and school bookstore employee Cory Gaitan.
-- Before Hernandez’s departure, the band was asked by concert promoters to tour locally in 2007 at recreational centers and small theaters locally with Scarlett Bombs. They decided to write, record and perform NEW music instead to play at the gigs. Because the album “Revenge” was soured upon the musicians to play, or was very difficult for a 4 piece Rock Band to duplicate live because of complex music. Augusto had taken part of band practice recording sessions at Lew’s house. He played bass on an early demo of their song “Fobby Asian Girl.”
-- Patrick Lew’s Band’s first well-known song was “Tokyo Pop Princess” in 2003 online. It became a fixture on Patrick Lew’s Band concerts until 2007. Lew later professed, he will not perform his earlier music and work live when the next time he performs due to change in direction musically.
-- The project made its resurgence in 2007, after 2 ½ years of Bandalisms. Playing gigs at City College and shows to perform as an opening act for Scarlett Bombs. They played 17 shows that year, mainly Patrick Lew original music. Not the “Revenge” album.
-- The biggest concert the band played was at Golden Gate Park on August 11, 2007. For a church festival.
-- Cory Gaitan, was the first out of all members of Patrick Lew’s Band to get married. Lew however, was engaged to his high school girlfriend Amy before their estranged parting company in 2004.
-- Zack and Cory left the band around the same time, although under different circumstances. Gaitan left for self-discovery from personal problems overseas. Huang decided to work two jobs to support his rent and fund and work on his college education.
-- Zack, was mostly absent from the band’s gigs and recording sessions in 2007, primarily due to community college and working two jobs.
-- Cory played bass and overdubbed lead guitar on the 2007 recordings of the band’s music. The band went into Bank Studios to cut 5 tracks of original Jam Band music. Which Gaitan was originally supposed to sing on. Which didn’t happen.
-- Dave Arceo wrote two songs officially during his time in the band. The Trance recording “Night Vision” and a song in the Bank Studios session, “It’s Going Down.”

-- Former Scarlett Bombs drummer Kelsey Mitchell played drums on 3 tracks in the studio for Patrick Lew’s Band, as Arceo was going through personal demons at the time.
-- The band was originally booked to play a few club gigs in early 2008 by local concert promoters, but was canceled due to the departures of Gaitan and huang.
-- When Arceo departed the band in April 2008, Lew has since focused on creating music as a solo musician and pursuing a solo career as Patrick Lew’s Band. He later created music in a variety of different projects under different “guises” such as Pretendo Gamecubes and Dexter Rotten in the studio.
-- Since October 2007, Patrick Lew’s Band has not played a proper gig or concert. This can be explained by Lew taking a hiatus from live performing to finish college at his new university CSUEB. And the lack of live musicians to accompany the music onstage as reference.
-- As of 2008, the music of Patrick Lew has been all played, arranged, recorded and written by Lew himself. He plays all the musical instruments in the studio on record, and does everything to promote the music and etc alone.
-- Also in 2008, Patrick Lew’s Band entered into a NEW musical direction by attempts to FUSE 80’s Hair Metal with Grunge.
-- The 3rd Patrick Lew album, “Curb Your Wild Life,” featured new music and signaled a change in sound when it was released in January 2009. But was not supported with a tour or music industry outlets and resources. Instead, there was a listening party online instead to support the record.
-- From formation to until the “Revenge” album, the music of Patrick Lew was generally Nu Metal and J-Rock. Electronic music and Thrash Metal became prominent in his music around 2007, though this direction was short-lived. Lew got himself to doing semi Electronic Music once again in Pretendo by remixing Video Game Soundtracks.
-- Patrick Lew’s Band is basically a portfolio, resume and franchise to RELATED Patrick Lew music and other projects over the years.
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