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Patricia Reynolds
Patricia Reynolds

Connecticut, United States

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Hello Listeners,
Hopefully these songs offer you "melodies you can remember," , "honest emotions", and "highly visual lyrics" for your enjoyment. These are songs you can sing to in your truck--songs like-- "I Don't Know That Girl", "No More Whiskey In My Soda", and "That Good Life". ALL LYRICS ARE INCLUDED IN THE INSERT of the CD. The craft of songwriting is important to my co-writers--Dennis D'Angelo, Eugene D'Angelo, Dawn Duncan, and John Rymer--and me. We write traditional and modern country songs for those listeners who are "passionate about country music".

NOTE: For telephone communication, please use my home
(860-860-429-1978) or work (860-545-7219)number. My cell phone number, which is on the CD, is no longer in use.

The Larry Beaird Music Group artists sang 14 of the 15 songs on ANOTHER COUNTRY NIGHT. EVERY SINGER IS ACKNOWLEDGED IN THE CD'S INSERT. One of the songs was previously recorded by Lindsay Ellis of Speer and Sons. The song she recorded, "You're Falling In Love Again," won the Country Music Organizations of America's 1999 Song of the Year in Vegas. Mary Clark, of the Roy Clark family, has recorded three of the songs on her CD. In 2004, I was awarded North American Country Music Associations International( NACMAI) Horizon Songwriter of the Year Award for "Watermelon Nights."
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