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River of Life/Vyking Recordings
Christian Pop / Rock
Length: 3:35
On Network Since Dec 9, 2008
Patricia Ivey
SongVault Certified Artist Patricia Ivey

El Paso
Texas, United States

Christian Pop / Rock

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Patricia lends her passionate voice to a Collection of songs written, arranged, performed and produced by George Arriola. You are sure to enjoy their collaboration!

Patricia Ivey Biography

Born Patricia Lynn Ivey in May of 1972, in Texas; married Joseph Flores in 1997; Education: Attended University of Texas at El Paso. Addresses: Management / Fan Club - P.O. Box 962924, El Paso, Texas, 79996. Website - Patricia Ivey Online. Record Label - Vyking Recordings, El Paso, Texas.

Patricia was born to Louis Ivey a professional bull riding cowboy for 17 years and son of the honorable Louis J. Ivey, Texas State Representative and cotton farmer, and Catherine M. O’Donnell the oldest daughter of a West Texas pioneer family; and to Nila Baird, a loving and supportive mother who cared for others and daughter of Ernest Baird, a West Texas CPA and Ethel Newton a devoted teacher and church worker.

After her father stepped away from a 17 year professional bull riding career, Patricia and her younger brothers traveled across the United States and Mexico with the family where their father worked for the United States Department of Agriculture which started in West Texas and ended after 37 years in the Caribbean Island of Jamaica. At the age of twelve, Patricia got her start singing and performing on the school grounds. She also took her first guitar lessons while living in Mexico from one of her teachers in Chiapas, Mexico. After living in the interior of Mexico, the Ivey's finally settled down in Fabens, Texas, a small town outside of El Paso. Patricia continued her singing after she started attending the Baptist church there. Shortly after, she caught the attention of local church goers and began singing at other churches in the area.

Music was always a big influence in her life. "As far back as I can remember, 8-tracks of Waylon Jennings, Johnny Paycheck, and Charlie Pride were playing in the pickup truck and mom always had The Beatles or Johnny Rivers on the turntable." Ivey told the Dagger in a 2008 online interview. "My maternal grandmother played piano and organ in the church, the same church I attend. My mom was first chair clarinet when she was at Fabens High School, and my dad played guitar. Then there are my brothers, Matt and Mark, and me of course, we all played in the Fabens High School band." After graduating, she went on to attend the University of Texas at El Paso to major in Education. She took voice classes and continued to perform in local competitions for a number of years. In 2005, she came across a home studio in El Paso run by George Arriola. She really didn't have any big plans, just wanted to record some songs to give to her parents. Before you knew it she was recording "River of Life". "What can I say, George can put pen to paper and create a masterpiece."

"Christian music brings such a spiritual yet powerful message to people, you can't help but be inspired by it."

Her debut CD "River of Life" was released December 2008.
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