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Patricia Harris
Patricia Harris

Klamath Falls
Oregon, United States

General Children's Music / Lullabies

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We are a mother-daughter song team, Kid Tunes, Inc., and together have produced national award-winning children's songs, the Galliump! Seties. Terri Finck of Oregon City, Oregon, is the featured artist and performer while her mother Pat Harris of Klamath Falls writes many of the songs and assists with children's performances during dance steps, puppetry, and rhythm instruments.
The Galliump! Seties consists of four albums, "Galliump!", "Galliump! Around the World", "Galliump Lullabies", and " Galliump! Folk Songs and New Favorites."
The song team performs for schools, libraries, and other child-related events. Pat and Terri also present teacher workshops for schools and universities titled "Fun Children's Music Activities for Classroom or Music Room".
The Galliump! music features a wide variety of music styles including folk, country, pop, classical, rock, calypso, boogie, jungle-beat songs, and even a rollicking calliope song.
Terri Finck if the primary artist on the albums assisted by numerous other outstanding musicians. Children and adults have responsed with enormous enthusiam to the Galliump! music by this mother-daughter song team!
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