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Orange Sofa
Orange Sofa

Hessen, Germany

Indie Rock / Modern Rock

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Worth the wait!!

Not only is this the title of the final song on Orange Sofa´s much-acclaimed first self-produced demo, but for sure it is also the reaction of all those listeners eagerly waiting for that Frankfurt-based indie rock group, even without knowing that they´d actually been waiting....

The five musicians skillfully blend influences ranging from pop, punk and classic rock combined with singer/songwriter elements into melodically catchy, driving songs that want to stand up alongside international productions both musically and lyrically.

Representing influences ranging from traditional American singer/songwriters, the British invasion up to Britpop from the Smiths to Oasis, the songs sound both fresh and new, still always remain rooted with one foot deep in rock´n´roll history which prevents the band from sounding like they´d attempt to just jump on any new rock bandwagon.

Fears of loss, unfulfilled hopes, broken dreams and promises stand as the main subjects and work effectively as the counterparts to the mostly uplifting and joyous compositions; still glimpses of low shimmering lights will show unexpected paths out of he one-way streets the listener had just been taken to, but will never lead him to those territories mined with cliché……

Orange Sofa were formed in the autumn of 2004, their first CD "Lost in details" saw the light of day in the following winter. Reactions from both critics and audiences were extremely positive and encouraging, so the band could confidently take the steps towards new gigs and projects.

Since then Orange Sofa have been playing very successful shows, continuously expanding their audiences and have turned into a real must-see for their rousing live performance, BUT…… haven´t recorded new material!.

The band spent most of spring 2006 recording new songs for their upcoming release; with the finishing touches put on the new songs by the end of may 2006, “Anywhere But Here”, Orange Sofa´s new 4-track EP is now finally available.

Again produced by singer/guitarist Patrick Schmiedel and bass player Patrick Whelan, the new EP contains 4 tracks, all of which show the rocking, energetic side of the band. The EP is meant to be the first half of a release to document both of the band´s faces along with another 4-Track EP, which will feature acoustic, more moody material and will be released in 2007.

Songs and samples from all releases to date can be found at the band´s homepage

"Anywhere But Here" is available for download at ITunes, AOL Music and more international download shops
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