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Arizona, Australia

Contemporary Blues

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Jiangsu Jinyayi Heavy Industry Technology Co. Ltd. are high-tech enterprises integrating design, production and sales of construction machinery and its supporting equipment into a whole. We are concentrating on producing good quality Rotary Drilling Machine. Many customers speak highly of our products.
The high-power Weichai engine is used and meets the national stage-III emission requirements, and has the characteristics of economy, efficiency,environmental protection,stability and so on.
Compared with other companies鈥?products, our machines consume less diesel and have good performance characteristics.And all the products can be customized according to your requirements. We have a professional team to design all the products. And our machines are processed with high precision.
The power heads with domestic leading brands are used with a maximum rotational speed of 50 rotations per minute,and has the characteristic of high torque, reliable performance and stable quality.
The hydraulic system adopts the international advanced concepts and specially designed for optimization of the rotary drilling rig.The main pump,the power head motor, the main valve, the auxiliary valve,the balance valve, the walking system,the slewing system, the pilot handle,etc. are of imported brands, and the auxiliary system uses a load-sensing system,and the flow distribution on demands is achieved.
All key parts of the electronic control system (display, controller, dip sensor, sounding proximity switch, etc. )are of high-end original imported components with international famous brands, the reliable aviation connector is used for the control box in order to create special domestic engineering machinery products.
The main winch is arranged on the mast to facilitate to observe the wire rope direction, the double-broken-line drum is designed and used,the drilling rig is wound with multi-layer wire ropes for smooth releasing, so that the wear of wire ropes is effectively reduced, and the service Life of wire ropes is effectively improved.
Bathing Reform Spring breeze and Keeping pace with the times, and through nearly 20 years of hard work and reform and innovation, the companies have gathered a large number of mechanical processing,riveting and welding professionals and modern enterprise management personnel. The companies have 45 professional and technical personnel, including 10 senior titles and have professional R&D manufacturing and management team, and have the necessary conditions for the production of high-quality and high-precision products. The companies have now formed an annual sales volume of 380 million yuan, the processing workshops are equipped with CNC horizontal milling and boring machines,a Gantry CNC maching center, a CNC floor boring machine, a CNC Gantry drilling and milling Center, and more than 60 high-grade machine tools such as CNC machines.
Our Services:
We will provide more precisely and efficiently manufacture and serve according to clients鈥?drawings.
We have professional QC team to ensure your product better.
Have the random inspection during the processing.
Make the 100% inspection before shipments.
The product overhaul and parts replacement and other services can be provided according to customer鈥檚 requirements and our technologies.
High Quality:
Passed the ISO9000 quality system authentication in 2008
Our Advantage:
We have been engaged in CNC machines for more than 10 years.
CNC machining is perfect for the production.
We have professional teams to process the products.
We have perfect after-sales services.
Q:What is the advantage about your company ?
A:Our company has professional team and professional production line.
Q:Why should I choose your products?
A:Our products are high quality and low price.
Q:Any other good service your company can provide ?
A:Yes, we can provide good after-sale and fast delivery.
Cylinder Max. pushing Force90KN
Cylinder Max. pulling Force90KN
Main Winch Max. pulling Force100KN
Auxiliary Winch Max. pulling Force40KN
Mast RakeSide 卤4掳Forwards 5掳
Drill Pipe299Machine Lock 4*7
Overall Drilling Weight26000kg
Transport with poles or notYesRotary Drilling Rig for sale
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