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All Songs Unfinished Business
#241 in Country SongVault Certified
Unfinished Business
Contemporary Country
Length: 4:49
On Network Since Oct 1, 2008
Sad Cowboy
#299 in Country SongVault Certified
Sad Cowboy
Unfinished Business
Contemporary Country
Length: 4:15
On Network Since Oct 1, 2008
50 Miles
#413 in Country SongVault Certified
50 Miles
Unfinished Business
Contemporary Country
Length: 4:41
On Network Since Oct 1, 2008
SongVault Certified Artist OneDay40

Scotland, United Kingdom

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"..superlative examples of multi-layered, wind-in-your-hair, big-chorused anthemic AOR....great tunes, inteligent lyrics, choruses you can sing, honest believable performances and above all, soul."
- Maverick Magazine

"Great stuff you're doing guys, I really loved 50 Miles ... You're a damned good band"
- John Beland (of the Flying Burrito Brothers)

"I think you're going to like this .."
- Bryan Burnett, Brand New Country, BBC Radio Scotland

"...well impressed, great songs, great production and great performances"
- Brian Hughes (of Brian Hughes and the Lonesharks)

"Their wonderful multi-layered harmonies, on-the-nail songwriting and crowd-winning vibe knocked my socks off. Fantastic!"
- Acoustic Edinburgh

"I will be playing "I'm Gone" on the show .. Great Song !"
- Padraig Quigley, Dundalk FM

""Unfinished Business" is a first class album..."
- Stewart Fenwick, Country Broadcaster

".. a unqiue genuine blend that inspires greatness. and connects with cross generational appeal"
- fan, Illinois

Unfinished Business from OneDay40. Matchbox Twenty in a streetfight with the Eagles.

OneDay40.... was formed in late 2005 by four Glasgow guys seeking a new outlet for their desire to write and perform. Former members of top Scottish contemporary country band Evangeline (two UK country 1 hits and regulars on the touring scene) they wanted to take their musical experiences in a new direction. Still fiercely loyal to their country roots but recognising the other influences on their musical development - think of the Eagles battling it out with Matchbox 20, or Keith Urban dueling Telecasters with Bruce Springsteen.

The guys have just finished recording their first album in Glasgow's famous Park Lane Studios (Texas, Del Amitri, The Proclaimers, James Grant etc.) under the watchful eye of Paul McGeechan (formerly of Love and Money). Contributions include a duet with legendary Glasgow voice Horse, some great guitar work from famous Glasgow bluesman Alan Nimmo, and just the right enough amount of steel guitar from Zac Ware of the Proclaimers. Available for purchase on iTunes, the CD is a great mix of contemporary and popular, country and rock, upbeat and mournful. Frequently recognised for their songwriting ability the Naismith / Matthews combination delivers yet again.
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