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Florida, United States

Rhythm & Blues / Urban

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One4Thre3, Has an astonishing way of pleasing the people. The concept of a male Hip-hop/R&B group may seem a little cliché or played out. But not One4Thre3, They have the whole total package, looks, personality and most importantly talent. They all have very different qualities but they come together and make such a beautiful mix. With their song "Come and Chill with me" they display that the guy who always gets the girl is always the smooth one. The song basically is a guy that sees a girl he likes and tries to wow her with fancy talk and promises of a better life. The idea of that may seem over used, but the guys also don't sleep on such attempts to win one's heart. With the song "If I Give U a chance" the tables are turned when the girl has to impress the guy with the talk after the guy has did his thing. The guys has staying power with clever lyrics and hot beats this One4Thre3 will be the biggest thing since the Jackson 5.
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