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Sunshine Coast
Queensland, Australia

Pop / Soul

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I am a true London girl with a passion for music – a pianist and singer with high pitched, soulful vocal melodies and harmonies influenced by a range of music from many different genres. My stage name is 'Natalyan' pronounced 'Nata-lee-arn' (stemming from my full name Natalie Anne) and I am currently living in Australia, working on a self-written album that is being produced by the internationally acclaimed music producer and composer Wernher Pramschufer – the founder of ‘Great Music’ in Brisbane.

I began playing the piano as a young child and quickly followed that by singing. Immediately I was hooked and knew that music was a big part of my life and that it had to form my life. I trained formally on the piano and although I did not finish my grades due to personal reasons at the time, I have continued the piano throughout my life and use it as my main tool when composing. I have sung with many different kinds of talent and performed in numerous venues including the infamous London Palladium and Albert Hall but my ultimate aim is to go on to be a solo artist or lead singer in a band making singing and songwriting my full time professional life.

I have nearly been in the right position to 'make it' a few times but not quite got there, which I think is due to a combination of different reasons stemming from a lack of confidence, not meeting musicians that I clicked with and focusing too much on cover tracks - being someone else as opposed to finding out what and who I was musically. It is totally about finding my own identity. Now however I am ready, trusting in my ability and am writing track after track, transferring the musical vision I have in my head onto paper and out of those speakers with the hope of getting that distinctive and identifiable sound that I can call my own.

As a solo artist I work with a number of musicians trying to get recognised, so once I have completed (at least) 5 tracks for my album I will be doing the circuit trying to get noticed. As well as embarking on local gigs and then onto small festivals, I also have some opportunities within the film industry so I will be fully utilising every opportunity possible and I am willing to work with any talented and dedicated musician/artist. Please listen to my tracks, comment and spread the word - remembering to let me know of any opportunities that you know of whether they are of a collaborative, competitive or professional nature – because every little helps and my mottos are 'you never know', 'you can't get if you don't try' and ‘what is due you, won’t pass you by!’.
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