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I See You Looking Featuring Jimmy
#38 in HipHop / Rap SongVault Certified
I See You Looking Featuring Jimmy
HipHop / Rap
Length: 3:28
On Network Since Nov 30, 2008
SongVault Certified Artist N.i.M.i

Iran, Netherlands
Am, Gl

HipHop / Rap / Alternative Rap

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Rapper, guitarist, drummer, mixer, composer, songwriter, concepts, tracking engineering, hooks etc
Multi talented rapper, Nima better known as N.i.M.i was born in Iran in 1988. Nima wasn’t born in a musical family but from a very young age he was very energetic and was always listening to western hip hop music as well as middle eastern music.
In 2000 it all kicked off!! Nima started writing his own songs.
It is tough being a talented young artist and yet not receiving any support from your own country, nima has always struggled in this matter; but he has always been a strong and true person, keeping it real and keep on moving forward; his music has received many great responses from the people both in Iran and worldwide; Nima has already started to make a fan base for himself. His originality has brought a lot of attention in the industry.Nima is a successful unsigned, underground Persian recording rapper; He’s the one to watch for 2008; everybody’s talking about him in Iran ; each and every person has the belief and faith that Nima will fulfil his destiny and become a successful global rapper.

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